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“I had LASIK Surgery 1 year ago and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have worn glasses since age 7. I did not remember what it was like to see without glasses. I still marvel when I can see the alarm clock during the night. Being able to see while swimming was awesome. My husband and I are planning a trip to Hawaii and I am looking forward to snorkeling—an activity that would have been impossible before LASIK! I said it a year ago, and I still say it—it was a miracle!” - C.L.

“As an over-65er that is farsighted, I am ecstatic about the LASIK procedure Dr. Bausch performed on both my eyes. No need for contacts, and I enjoy reading while sitting in the hot tub (no glasses). I'd recommend this surgery without reservation.” - T.E.B.

"It's been a year since my procedure. I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. My whole life has changed! It's wonderful to really see again! Bright and crisp images! It was worth every dime! I would recommend it to everyone!" - F.Y.

"I had corrective surgery 7 months ago, where mono-vision was utilized. This has been the most miraculous and gratifying experience. I can actually thread a needle without any type of corrective lenses. The freedom to swim, ski, etc., is exhilarating." - S.H.S.

“My cataract operation was an immediate success. Amazing is the word. I have been so happy that I had the operation. I am having the second one done very soon.” - J. M. H.

"I've been just lovin' my new eyes! I want to thank you and the Doc for such a great experience and for giving me what I've been wanting since 3rd grade... great vision!Two of my friends told me that I smile so much more and I'm much more outgoing with people. I have another appointment with Dr. Sankari to have my eyes checked for the pressures (I go every 6 months), but since I had the surgery, the pressure has gone down to 22 (from 25) in each eye! Still above normal, but we will continue to keep a check on it.Since then, alot of my friends and family seemed to be intrigued with this procedure. I tell them about my experience and right now, Jackie, I am your best PR person out here!" - P.M.